Results of the Versailles Peace

– One eighth of the territory and one twelfth of the population moved away from Germany
– Austria undertook to transfer to Italy part of the provinces of Extremia and Carinthia, Kustenland and South Tyrol. Received the right to maintain an army of only 30 thousand soldiers, but Austria handed over the military and merchant fleet to the victors. The Habsburg Empire ceased to exist
– Yugoslavia received most of the Krajina, Dalmatia, southern Styria and southeastern Carinthia, Croatia and Slovenia, part of Bulgaria
– Bohemia, Moravia, two communities of lower Austria and part of Silesia, belonging to Hungary, Slovakia and Carpathian Rus’, became part of Czechoslovakia
– The Bulgarian Dobrudja region was transferred to Romania.
– Thrace withdrew to Greece, which cut off Bulgaria from the Aegean Sea
– Bulgaria pledged to hand over the entire fleet to the winners and pay an indemnity of 2.5 billion gold francs
– The Armed Forces of Bulgaria were determined at 20 thousand people
– Romania received Bukovina, Transylvania and Banat
– About 70% of the territory and almost half of the population moved away from Hungary, it was left landlocked
– The contingent of the Hungarian army was not supposed to exceed 30 thousand people
– There was a huge movement of the population: Romania evicted more than 300 thousand people from Bessarabia. Almost 500 thousand people left Macedonia and Dobrujna. The Germans were leaving Upper Silesia. Hundreds of thousands of Hungarians were resettled from the territories passed to Romania, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia. Seven and a half million Ukrainians were divided between Poland, Romania and Czechoslovakia

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