Roman Empire: Principate and Dominate (Comparison Table)

Comparison line Principate Dominat
Period of existence ’27 BC. – III AD End of the 3rd century  AD – 476 AD
Formal position of the emperor Emperor – Princeps (first among citizens) The emperor was proclaimed lord ( dominus ), he was deified as the eastern rulers
Organization of empire management Monarchy with the preservation of the external features of the republic; the polis organization turns into an imperial municipal -provincial ; special role of the administrative and bureaucratic apparatus Monarchy modeled on Eastern despotism; strengthening of the administrative and bureaucratic apparatus, greater regulation of its activities; the appearance of the co-rulers of the emperor, and then the division of the empire into Western and Eastern
Economic life Preservation of classical slavery as the basis of economic production The beginning of the process of attaching peasants to the land; colonate development ; the spread of large land holdings


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