Sections of biology

Biology is the science of life, of living organisms. She studies various forms of life, their structure and diversity, as well as the laws of nature.
The name biology comes from the Greek language. Greek βίος, bios means life; λόγος, logos – “science.” It is the science of all living organisms, studying how they grow, feed, move, and reproduce and develop.
There are several sections of biology. Zoology  is the science of animals. Botany  is the science of plants. Microbiology is the science of microorganisms. Ecology is the science of the interaction of organisms and the environment. Evolution is the science of changing living things over a long period of time. Genetics is the science of heredity and variability.
There are other branches of biology.
Biology is closely related to physics, chemistry, medicine, agriculture, forestry and other branches of science, which combine to form such branches of science as biophysics, biochemistry, biogeography, bioengineering and even space biology.
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