Show on the map why a turn in the war in the Pacific was inevitable sooner or later.

A turn in the war in the Pacific, sooner or later, was indeed inevitable, in connection with the signing of the Atlantic, Charter and Declaration of the United Nations. At the beginning of World War II, the Japanese Empire successfully captured vast territories of the Pacific Ocean (the American fleet in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor, the American Philippines, Dutch Indonesia, the British possessions in Malaya and Burma). Now, with the signing of the Atlantic Charter between the United States and Great Britain in August 1941 + the signing of the Declaration of the United Nations by 26 countries on January 1, 1942, a powerful anti-Hitler coalition was created. And already in June 1942, there was a turn in the war in the Pacific Ocean, when the American fleet in the Midway Atoll managed to repel an enemy strike and sink several Japanese aircraft carriers.

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