Significance of the culture of the Arab Caliphate

1) The Europeans received a lot of valuable scientific knowledge from the Arabs.
2) The works of Arab mathematicians, doctors and astronomers served as a guide for scientists in medieval Europe.
3) From the Arabs, Europeans received not only numbers and a new counting system, but also knowledge of astronomy, including the names of many stars.
4) From the Arabs, they learned to draw more advanced maps, later – to use a compass and a globe.
5) The work of Avicenna on medicine, translated into Latin, was the reference book of European doctors until the 17th century.
6) Muslim art has influenced the features of architecture, many of the fashions and customs of Spain and Southern Italy, many African countries. The Europeans got acquainted with the culture of the countries of the Caliphate mainly through Spain, conquered by the Arabs. There were many high schools in Cordoba, where prominent Arab scholars lectured.
7) Ancient manuscripts were kept in huge libraries. Many works of ancient Greek scientists and writers, as well as thinkers from the countries of the Caliphate, became known in Europe thanks to the Arabs.

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