Spiritual processes of Europe in the Advanced Middle Ages – X-XIII centuries

Advanced Middle Ages:
– The dominance of the religious worldview, ideology.
– 1054 – split of the Christian church:
● Eastern Orthodox Church (“praising God correctly”). headed by the Patriarch of Constantinople (Byzantium);
● Western Catholic (“worldwide”), headed by the Pope.
The reason for the split: differences in the dogmas (main provisions) of the faith and the struggle for spheres of influence.

– XI-XIII centuries. – the peak of power (huge land ownership, church tithe (1/10 of the income of Europeans), the sale of indulgences – letters of forgiveness of sins.
– The Crusades (1096–1270) – an attempt to seize Arab lands “to free the Holy Sepulcher” (unsuccessful).
Purpose: getting rid of landless knights (organized gangs, robbed on the roads); rich war booty.
Fight against heretics (dissidents, opponents of the church):
● church court – inquisition (torture, burning at the stake).

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