Stages and periods of the Great Patriotic War

First period

(June 22, 1941 – November 18, 1942)

Strategic defense of the Red Army,

The defeat of the German troops near Moscow, the failure of the blitzkrieg,

Leningrad blockade,

Military restructuring of the economy.

Second period

(November 19, 1942 – 1943)

A radical turning point in the course of the war,

Battle of Stalingrad,

Battle of the Kursk Bulge,

Battle for the Dnieper,

Break of the blockade of Leningrad (January 1943).

Third period

(1944 – May 9, 1945)

Completion of the liberation of the territory of the USSR,

Fighting in Eastern and Central Europe,

Liberation mission of the Red Army,

Anti-Hitler coalition and the opening of a second front,

Battle of Berlin.

The defeat of the Hitlerite bloc and bezogovoroch th surrender of Germany.


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