Strategic goals of the countries participating in the hostilities of the First World War

Country Strategic goals of countries participating in hostilities Territories sought to seize
Russia She planned to disrupt the Austro-Hungarian expansion against Serbia, Herzegovina and Bosnia. Take possession of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles and consolidate their position in the Balkans.
Great Britain She wanted to achieve the elimination of Germany as a dangerous competitor and at the same time pursued the goal of weakening her main allies (France and Russia The British ruling circles considered the preservation of their colonial empire one of the main tasks in the course of the war.
France France dreamed of achieving the complete defeat of Germany. Defend your overseas and African possessions. Take back Alsace and Lorraine.
Germany Plan ” blitzkrieg “. Strived to crush Great Britain, depriving her of colonies; smash France and secure Alsace and Lorraine; defeat Belgium and Holland; weaken Russia, subjugate Turkey and other continents to its influence. Capture the colonies of Great Britain, Belgium, Holland. Take away from Russia Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic states.
Austro-hungary Strengthen your position in the Balkans.  


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