Table – Achievements of scientific and technological revolution

date Achievements
Use of atomic energy 1942 g. The first uranium reactor built in the USA
1954 g. The world’s first nuclear power plant was built in the USSR
1959 g. The first atomic icebreaker launched in the USSR
Space exploration 1957 g. The first artificial Earth satellite was launched in the USSR
1960 g. The first satellites to provide telephone communications were launched in the USA
1961 g. Flight into space of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
1962 g. First US television satellite launched into orbit
1969 year Landing of American astronauts N. Armstrong and B. Aldrin on the Moon
“Computer revolution” 1936 g. In Germany and the USA, the first calculating machines appeared that worked on electromagnetic relay circuits.
1937 g. The American mathematician D. Atanasov proposed using a binary system for programming electronic machines, which made it possible to use vacuum tubes, that is, to create a computer
1943-1946 A group of American scientists created the first computer (ENIAC)
Since 1948 The use of transistors in computers (miniature devices made of semiconductor crystals). The possibility of serial industrial production of computers appeared. They became the backbone of automated production lines
Since the mid 60s. Reducing the size of transistors and, accordingly, the size and cost of computers
The invention of television 1936 g. First telecasts in London
Since the 1950s. Distribution of television


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