Table Dramatic genres of literature (classification)

Dramatic genres description
 Tragedy  A kind of drama based on sharp, irreconcilable life conflicts; the character of the hero is revealed in an unequal, intense struggle, dooming him to death
 Comedy  The kind of drama in which the situations are characteristic are presented in laughter, comic forms; here exposing human vices and revealing the negative aspects of life 
 Drama  A literary work that depicts a serious conflict, a struggle between the characters
 Vaudeville  Type of drama, light play with verses, entertaining intrigue, romances, dances
 Interlude  A short comic play or scene enacted between the acts of the main play, and sometimes in the text of the play itself. Sideshows are of several types:
1) an independent genre of folk theater in Spain;
2) gallant-pastoral scenes in Italy;
3) an inserted comic or music scene in
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