Table Epic Genres of Literature (classification)

Name description
Novel Type of narrative literature; a work deployed in time and space, in the center of which is an epic story about the fate of one or more characters, a circle of life phenomena given in development:

 – large volume
 – several storylines
 – the fate of several characters in interconnection

 Story  Epic prose genre; average work in terms of volume and life coverage.
– medium volume
– one storyline
– the fate of one hero, one family
– perceptibility of the narrator’s voice
– prevalence of the chronicle in the plot
 Story  Small form of narrative literature; a small piece of art depicting a particular event in a person’s life. Story = short story (broad understanding, short story as a kind of story) – small volume – one episode – one event in the life of the hero
 Novella  Small form of epic literature; a small piece of fiction depicting a separate event in a person’s life, with a dynamically developing plot; the ending of the novel is unexpected and does not follow from the course of the narrative. Novella is not a story (narrow understanding, short story as an independent genre)
 Feature article  The genre of the small form of epic literature, the main features of which are documentary, authenticity, the absence of a single, rapidly developing conflict, and the developed descriptiveness of the image. It touches upon the problems of the civil and moral state of the environment and has a great cognitive diversity.
 Fable  Epic genre; a small work of a narrative nature with a moralizing, satirical or ironic content
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