Table Lyric genres of literature (classification)

Lyric genres description
 Poem  A lyrical work of a relatively small size, expressing human experiences caused by certain life circumstances
 Elegy  The genre of lyric poetry, in which the sad thoughts, feelings and reflections of the poet are clothed in poetic form
 Epigram  A small satirical poem
 Sonnet  Lyric poem, consisting of fourteen lines, divided into two quatrains (quatrain) and two three lines (terzen); in quatrains only two rhymes are repeated, in tercens – two or three
 Epitaph  A gravestone inscription in poetic form; a small poem dedicated to the deceased
 Song  The genre of written poetry, expressing a certain ideological and emotional attitude; basis for subsequent musical adaptations
 Anthem  A solemn song, taken as a symbol of state or social unity. There are military, state, religious
 Oh yeah  Lyric poetry genre; solemn, pathetic, glorifying work. Types of ode: Laudatory, Festive, Lamentable
 Message  A work of poetry written in the form of a letter or address to a person
 Romance  A small melodious lyric poem, which reflects the feelings, moods, feelings of the lyric hero; can be layered with music
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