Table Lyric work theme

Lyric theme a brief description of Example
Love theme (love lyrics) Poetic works about the problem of love; about the relationship between a man and a woman, the presence of the image of a lyrical heroine. The poet’s desire to convey the depth, uniqueness, fleetingness, beauty of love feelings. A.S. Pushkin “I remember a wonderful moment …”
Nature theme (landscape lyrics) Poetic works describing pictures of nature, images of animals, feelings of a lyric hero, caused by the contemplation of nature S. A. Yesenin “Birch”
The theme of the appointment of poet and poetry (civic lyrics) Lyric works that reveal the essence of poetry, the role of poetry, the purpose of the poet M.Yu. Lermontov “Death of a Poet”
The topic of the search for the meaning of life (philosophical lyrics) Lyric works about the meaning of human existence, about the problems of being, about life and death FI Tyutchev “It is not given to us to predict …”
Freedom theme (free-spirited lyrics) Poetic works about will, spiritual freedom of the individual A. N. Radishchev ode “Liberty”
Friendship theme Lyric works about friendship, creating the image of a poet’s friend; possible direct appeal A. Pushkin “To Chaadaev”
Loneliness theme Poetic works about the loneliness of the lyric hero, his disconnection from the outside world, misunderstanding by other people M. Yu. Lermontov “Parus”
Homeland theme (patriotic lyrics) Lyrical works about the Motherland, its fate, present and past, about the defenders of the fatherland A. A. Blok “Russia”
People theme Lyric works about the fate of the people, about the life of people from the people N. A. Nekrasov “Railway”
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