Table of the Crusades: Participants, Routes and Results

Years Participants Route Direction results
First 1096- 1099 1). Poor 2). Knight’s army To Jerusalem via Hungary Bulgaria The poor were defeated by the Seljuk Turks. Up to 25 thousand people died. On July 15, 1099, the knights took and sacked Jerusalem. Along the sea coast of Syria and Palestine, the crusaders created their own states – the state of Edessa ; – the principality of Antioch ; – County Tripoli – Kingdom of Jerusalem
Second 1147 – 1149 Louis VII King of France, Conrad II – German Emperor To Edessa The trip to Edessa was not successful. Later in 1187, the Turks , led by Salah ad din , captured Jerusalem.
3rd 1189 – 1192 Richard I the Lionheart – King of England, Philip II – King of France To Jerusalem The island of Crete and the Akra fortress were captured, which became the capital of the Jerusalem state. The fight ended with a truce between Richard I and Salahad Dinn , according to which Jerusalem remained in Muslim hands.
Fourth 1202- 1204 French , Germanic and Italian feudal lords To Constantinople The Crusaders are assisted by the Italian fleet. From 9 to 13 April 1204, the crusaders took Constantinople by storm. The Latins founded the Latin Empire on the ruins of Byzantium.
Fifth 1217-1221 Sixth 1228-1229 Seventh 1248-1254 Eighth 1270 Small knights Western Asia, North Africa Most often they ended in failure. The crusaders lost all their possessions in Muslim countries.


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