Table Poetic Phonetics (Name of the phonetic device and examples)

Phonetic device name a brief description of Example
Sound writing Repetition of similar sound combinations (vowels or consonants) in artistic speech I shuddered. I went on and off. 
I was shaking. I made an offer now, 
But it’s late, I drifted, and here I am – a refusal. 
What a pity for her tears! 
I am more blessed than a saint! (B.L. Pasternak)
Anaphora Uniform speech, the same sound, rhythmic constructions or phrases at the beginning of the following lines I swear by the odd and the couple,
I swear by the sword and the right battle … (A.S. Pushkin)
Epiphora The same sound, rhythmic constructions or phrases at the end of subsequent lines Not air, but gold,
Liquid gold
Spilled into the world. 
Chained without a hammer –
Liquid gold
The world does  not move. (S. M. Gorodetsky)
Alliteration Reception of sound expressiveness, which consists in the repetition of homogeneous, similar in sounding consonants in a verse, stanza “It’s time, the feather asks for peace …” (A. Pushkin)
Assonance Repetition of homogeneous vowel sounds in a line, stanza, phrase, as well as inaccurate rhyme, in which only some, mainly vowel sounds are consonant A crimson fire rose up 
Above the roar of the airfield,
And the doves, as if naked, 
Rushed against the blue background of thunder. (L.N. Martynov)
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