Table Small genres of folklore (classification)

Name a brief description of Example
Riddle A poetic description of an object or phenomenon based on similarity or contiguity with another subject, characterized by brevity, compositional clarity “Hanging sieve, not twisted by hands” (cobweb)
Proverb A short figurative, rhythmically organized folk expression, which has the ability to use multiple meanings in speech according to the principle of analogy “Seven do not wait for one”
Proverb An expression that defines the essence of a life phenomenon and gives it an emotional assessment; does not contain a complete thought “Light at sight”
Patter A playful expression, deliberately built on a combination of words that are difficult to pronounce together “The Greek rode across the river, sees the Greek cancer in the river, thrust the Greek into the river’s hand: the cancer by the hand of the Greek tsap”
Ditty A short, rhymed song performed at a fast pace, a quick poetic response to an event of an everyday or social nature “I’ll go dancing, There is nothing to bite at home, Crackers and crusts, And on my feet there are supports.”
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