Table system of images in literature (classification)

The system of images is a set of literary characters in a work of art, their interaction with each other, as well as their role in the plot of the work and the disclosure of the author’s intention.

The name of the literary image a brief description of
Artistic image (general concept) A form of reflection of reality by art (literature), a concrete and at the same time generalized picture of human life created with the help of the author’s creative imagination, transformed in the light of his aesthetic ideal
Literary character The character of a literary (epic or dramatic) work
Author’s image A carrier of the author’s speech in a work of art, endowed with the worldview of the writer, but at the same time conveying a share of the author’s fiction
The image of the narrator, the image of the narrator Personalized hero telling about events
The image of a lyrical hero An image in a lyrical work, conveying the thoughts, feelings, emotions of the author, but not identical to the poet himself, since through the personal, individual the artist seeks to show the typical, characteristic of the era as a whole.
Epic hero A hero of an epic work bearing features of national and historical significance
Dramatic hero The character of a dramatic work
Main character The main person of the story, around which the central events of the work of art are built
Minor character A hero who is not the main participant in the central conflict of the work
Off-stage character The hero of a dramatic work who does not take part directly in the plot, but is mentioned in the speech of the characters
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