Tell us about signs of pregnancy. What factors help to overcome ailments during pregnancy?

Distinguish between presumptive, probable and undoubted signs of pregnancy.
Presumptive signs are:
• nausea and vomiting in the morning;
• craving for spicy dishes and certain substances (clay, chalk), which indicates a change in taste;
• aversion to tobacco smoke and previously beloved odors;
• drowsiness;
• frequent urination.
These signs may not be pronounced, and you can not pay attention to them, explaining everything with fatigue and lack of sleep.
The likely signs of pregnancy include cessation of menstruation, an increase in the mammary glands, and some others that are established by specialists during a gynecological examination.
The undoubted signs of pregnancy are the audible fetal heartbeat and its movement, as well as the positive results of laboratory tests. These signs can be determined only in the second half of pregnancy, when its interruption can be associated with serious complications.
Pregnant women sometimes experience increased nervousness and suspiciousness. They suffer, believing that pregnancy made them unattractive. To overcome these sensations, fatigue and ailments help a good psychological mood; gentle, patient and caring attitude of the father of the unborn child.

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