Tell us about the correct and incorrect methods of behavior in a conflict situation.

The ability to manage feelings and emotions in a conflict situation consists in using the correct methods and arguments and avoiding incorrect ones.
Correct tricks include:
• the ability to give the conflict a move in accordance with its scenario, that is, to seize the initiative;
• concentration of their actions on the main or weakest link of the enemy’s position;
• use of the “surprise effect” – the most unexpected and important information and actions must be reserved and applied in the decisive phases of the conflict.
Incorrect techniques and arguments are:
• the use of unproven or even false arguments in the hope that the adversary does not know or will not notice;
• appeal to others in order to excite, electrify and attract them to your side, using addiction, weaknesses, religious and national prejudices or making any promises;
• argumentation of their position by the views of people with whom the enemy, for various reasons, does not dare to argue;
• threat or direct application of measures of moral or physical violence.

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