Tell us about the daily distribution of food intake. What foods should be in the human diet?

Recommended daily distribution of food ration with four meals a day: first breakfast – 20-30%, second breakfast – 10-25, lunch – 40-50, dinner – 15-20%; with three meals a day: breakfast – 30%, lunch – 45-50, dinner – 20-25%.
In the human diet, the share of food products of animal origin should be approximately 40%, and vegetable – about 60%. Only in this case, a complete, varied and balanced diet is achieved, so necessary to replenish the energy costs of the body.
Particular attention must be paid to the compatibility of qualitatively heterogeneous products. For example, protein-rich foods should be used during breakfast and lunch, as protein increases vitality, stimulates the activity of the nervous system, and speeds up metabolism. It should be borne in mind that a uniform diet containing the same foods quickly bothers and is absorbed worse. In this case, a characteristic type of digestion is developed. However, the use of new products, especially previously unknown ones, can cause an upset gastrointestinal tract.

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