Tell us about the most common upper respiratory tract infection – the flu. What is the causative agent of influenza

Tell us about the most common upper respiratory tract infection – the flu. What is the causative agent of influenza, the source of the disease? How does this disease go? What are the preventive measures for influenza.

Influenza is a typical representative of acute respiratory viral infections, one of the most widespread infectious diseases. The causative agents of influenza is a whole variety of filtered viruses. Often there are epidemics that cause diseases of hundreds and thousands of people. In the external environment, influenza viruses are unstable, they quickly die under the influence of sunlight and conventional disinfectants. The source of the disease is a sick person. Infection occurs by airborne droplets when coughing, sneezing, talking. The duration of the incubation period of the disease ranges from several hours to two days. The disease begins with the appearance of chills, malaise, weakness, headache, aches throughout the body. Often you can observe redness of the mucous membrane and copious discharge of mucus from the nose, cough. The temperature rises slightly. The disease usually ends after 5-6 days. It is extremely dangerous for complications that can appear in any organs and systems (often these are disorders of the nervous system, cardiac activity, inflammation of the lungs, middle and inner ear). During the period of the disease, the patient should be isolated. In the room where it is located, wet cleaning is carried out using a clarified solution of bleach (0.5%), a solution of chloramine (0.2%), a solution of hydrogen peroxide (2%), detergent (0.5%). Important preventive measures are vaccinations, the introduction of gamma globulin and the use of dibazole, which has an immunostimulating effect.

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