Tell us about the peculiarities of China’s development during the Ming Dynasty.

Having ascended the throne, Zhu Yuanzhang did a lot to strengthen the central government and the country’s economy. The distribution of land to landless and land-poor peasants had a beneficial effect on the life of China. Taxes have been reduced. The craft has achieved great success. The main commodities in China’s trade with other countries were fabrics and porcelain. The Chinese carefully kept many craft secrets. So, only two families owned the secret dressing of one of the varieties of silk, and for three hundred years they had married each other so that the secret did not go beyond the families.
China fought successfully against Vietnam. The Chinese fleet sailed to the countries of Southeast Asia, to India and even to the east coast of Africa. The gifts of foreign rulers were perceived as the arrival of barbarians with tribute. In response, they gave gifts to the arrivals. The value of these awards was to be as many times higher than the tribute, as the prestige of the emperor was valued above the prestige of the ruler who sent the gifts.

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