Tell us about the placement and rules of conduct in the shelter.

In the shelter, 0.5 m2 for a two-tier arrangement and 0.4 m2 for a three-tier arrangement are assigned for each person. The volume of air for each shelter is 1.5 m3. People in compartments are placed on seats for 0.45 x 0.45 m in size and for lying on the second and third tiers of 0.55 x x 1.8 m in size per person. The number of seats for two tiers is 80%, with three tiers – 70%.
For persons arriving with children, a separate compartment or a special place is reserved.
Immediately after filling the shelter, all doors, as well as disconnecting devices on the water supply and heating networks are closed.
Those who take shelter must have with them a two-day supply of food in plastic packaging, toiletries, documents, a minimum of personal belongings and personal protective equipment.
In the protective building it is forbidden to smoke, make noise, light kerosene lamps, candles without permission. Do not bring flammable or odor substances with you, as well as bulky items and bring animals. It is not allowed to walk around the premises without special need.
Shelters receive information about the terrestrial situation via a radio network, radio or telephone. With a long stay for people organize shift work in places for lying down. Take sheltering from shelter at the direction of the commander of the service link after the appropriate signal or in the event of an emergency condition of the structure, threatening the lives of people.

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