Tell us about the procedure for first aid for head and spine injuries.

At the slightest suspicion of a head or spine injury, you need to call an ambulance and help the victim by following these steps:
• if possible, keep the victim’s head and spine stationary;
• fix the victim’s head with his hands on both sides in the position in which he was found;
• maintain the airway of the victim;
• monitor his level of consciousness and breathing;
• if there is external bleeding, stop it;
• maintain normal body temperature of the victim;
• if a helmet is put on the victim’s head, do not remove it (you can remove it only if the victim does not breathe);
• if vomiting has opened in the victim, it must be turned on his side to prevent obstruction of the airways;
• the victim must not be moved until the arrival of medical workers (movement can only be justified as a real threat to life; in this case, everything possible must be done to ensure the immobility of the victim’s head and spine using rolls of clothing, blankets or other improvised material).

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