Tell us about the public warning system for accidents at chemically hazardous facilities.

For the timely adoption of measures to protect the population, an alert system is used. It is based on local systems created at and around chemically hazardous facilities, which provide not only the personnel of these facilities, but also the population of the nearest areas. The systems have electric sirens and remote control and call equipment. It is planned to use for transmitting signals about the immediate threat of destruction by accidentally hazardous substances and information on the situation and rules of conduct of the population of the existing territorial automated centralized warning systems. Carry out this as follows. The operational duty of the management body of the Civil Defense and Emergencies Ministry receives information about the accident at a chemically hazardous facility from the dispatcher of the enterprise and instructs the public to the responsible employee of the media. Then, by compulsory remote switching of the programs of the radio broadcasting nodes, the information on the accident is verbally transmitted, as well as a warning to the public about the adoption of the necessary protective measures.

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