Tell us about the religious beliefs of the Sumerians, Babylonians

Each city had its own patron saint – a god or goddess. The worship of many gods is called paganism. The pagans represented their gods as idols, animals, or higher beings, similar to perfect people.
From myths we know that the Sumerians revered the god Enki – the lord of the earth, who was also considered the lord of fresh waters. Enlil among the Sumerians was the god of wind and air. His wife was revered as a mat goddess. In Mesopotamia, the moon god was also worshiped. Among the Sumerians, he bore the name Naina, and among the Babylonians, Sii. The sun god gave life to everything.
The Sumerians called him Utu, the Babylonians – Shamash. The goddess of fertility, war and love Innana among the Sumerians, she is Ishtar among the Babylonians, appeared either in the form of a warrior on a chariot drawn by fierce lions, or in the form of a morning and evening star, which we call Venus – The main god of Babylon was Marduk, who was considered the creator the world and people. Marduk defeated a terrible monster and brought order to life on earth. Marduk was portrayed as a mighty hero, either a bull or a dragon.
The inhabitants of Ancient Mesopotamia gave divine honors to the kings. They saw in kings the executors of the will of the gods.

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