Tell us about the rules for indirect heart massage.

Indirect cardiac massage begins immediately after it becomes clear that precardial stroke did not bring the expected result. The effectiveness of indirect heart massage largely depends on strict adherence to the following rules:
• palms laid one on top of the other should be located in a strictly defined place: 2-3 cm above the xiphoid process, at the point of precardial shock;
• jerky pressure on the chest should be done with such force that the chest is compressed by 5 cm in an adult, 3 cm in a teenager, and 1 cm in a one-year-old child;
• the rhythm of pressure on the chest should correspond to the heart rate at rest – about 1 time per second;
• the minimum time for an indirect heart massage, even in the absence of signs of its effectiveness, should not be less than 15-20 minutes.
The effect of indirect heart massage in combination with artificial ventilation of the lungs can be observed already after 1-2 minutes: the patient’s skin gradually acquires normal color, the pupils react to light (they narrow), and pulsation in the carotid artery is noted.
Technique for indirect heart massage:
• put the person on a hard, level surface and then kneel on the left side of the victim parallel to the longitudinal axis of his body;
• put the palm of one hand at the projection point of the heart on the sternum, and the other palm on top (palms one on the other), the fingers should be raised and the thumbs should look in different directions;
• pressure on the sternum is necessary only with straight hands, using body weight, while conducting indirect massage, the child can use one hand, and the newborn – one thumb;
• palms should not be torn off the victim’s sternum, each subsequent movement should be made only after his chest has returned to its original position.

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