Tell us about the rules of pedestrian behavior.

Basic rules for pedestrian behavior:
• you cannot cross the street into a red light, regardless of whether the cars are going or not;
• on the road from the sidewalk you must go carefully, you can not run out on it;
• it is dangerous to go onto the pavement because of an obstacle: then neither the driver nor the pedestrian see each other;
• on the street, one vehicle can close another, moving at high speed (the most typical case: a bus or trolleybus closes almost all traffic from passengers bypassing it in front);
• you can only walk on the sidewalks, and if there is no sidewalk, you need to go facing the traffic: then not only the drivers see the pedestrian, but he sees the vehicles;
• crossing the street, first you need to look to the left, and in the middle of it – to the right;
• on the road, a lot depends on the speed of the pedestrian and the vehicle; one must be able to calculate them correctly.

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