Tell us about the specifics of the industrial revolution in the United States. Compare it to the industrial revolution in European countries

The industrial revolution began in the 1920s and 1940s. XIX century, and although the Americans made extensive use of European technical advances, capital and skilled labor, two factors hampered its development: the competition of British goods and the departure of workers to the West. In the country where new territories were being developed, there was a need for the development of transport. In 1825, the Erie Canal was opened, connecting Lake Erie with the Hudson River, it connected the Great Lakes system with the Atlantic coast, and thousands of settlers used it to move to new lands. By 1840, the length of the canals in the United States was about 5 thousand km. Tons of farm produce found a cheap way to the East. The steam engine of the talented inventor Oliver Evans began to be used in river transport. In 1838 the steamers Sirius and Great Western crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

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