Tell us about the types of destruction of people in explosions. Describe all types of lesions.

In an explosion, damage to people mainly occurs as a result of the direct and indirect effects of the shock wave. With direct exposure, the main cause of the lesion is an instant increase in air pressure or a blow to the ground or obstacle. The indirect effect of the shock wave is the defeat of people by flying debris, stones, broken glass and other objects carried away by it.
The injuries of people in the explosion are divided into light, medium, severe and extremely severe (fatal).
Light lesions include mild concussion, temporary hearing loss, bruises and dislocations of the limbs.
To the middle – brain injuries with loss of consciousness, damage to hearing organs, bleeding from the nose and ears, severe fractures and dislocations of the extremities.
To severe – severe contusion of the whole organism, damage to internal organs and brain, severe fractures of the limbs.
Extremely serious – fatal injuries.

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