Tell us what an antiseptic is, and briefly describe its types.

An antiseptic is a system of measures aimed at preventing infection of wounds or the destruction of microorganisms that are in the wound or in the body as a whole.
There are mechanical, physical, chemical, biological and mixed antiseptics. Each of them is a complex of treatment and prophylactic measures, which, as a rule, are performed by a qualified medical professional, although some methods of antiseptics are quite simple and do not require special preparation.
A mechanical antiseptic in normal conditions (i.e., outside a medical institution) involves thoroughly washing the wound with an antiseptic solution and removing foreign bodies from it.
Physical antiseptics consists in the use of drainage tubes, with the help of which wound secretions and pus are removed from the wound. It is used exclusively in medical institutions.
The most widely used chemical antiseptic using disinfectants, as a result of which the microbes in the wound die.
Biological antiseptics are associated with the destruction of microorganisms in the wound, antibiotics and sera and the provision of a stimulating effect on the body’s defenses (immunity).

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