Thanks to what tricks, G. Mendel managed to reveal the laws of inheritance of characters?

The success of the work of Mendel was facilitated by the fact that during the experiments he used a rigorous and well-thought-out technique. Its main features are as follows:
– use of a self-pollinating plant (peas);
– the use of only clean lines (the breeding of which he spent several years);
– elimination of the possibility of accidental pollination (either cross-pollination was carried out by the researcher himself, or self-pollination took place);
– at the beginning of his research, Mendel observed the inheritance of one trait, and only after establishing the patterns of inheritance of one trait did he proceed to study the inheritance of several traits at the same time;
– the choice for work of signs that occur only in two clearly distinct forms (alternative signs). In total, Mendel took 7 of these signs (see table. 50);
– An individual analysis of the offspring of each cross;
– the use of large samples and mathematical methods for processing the results of their experiments

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