The body evolved from an unfertilized egg. Are his hereditary traits an exact copy of the traits of the mother’s body?

Yes. This type of reproduction is called parthenogenesis. Parthenogenesis (Parthenogenesis – from Greek. Parthenos – girl, virgin + genesis-origin) is a form of sexual reproduction in which the development of the body occurs from the female reproductive cell (egg) without fertilizing its male (sperm).
This is a sexual, but unisexual reproduction that arose during the evolution of organisms in dioecious forms. In those cases when parthenogenetic species are represented only by females, one of the main biological advantages of parthenogenesis is the accelerated reproduction rate of the species, since all individuals of such species are able to leave offspring. If a female develops from fertilized eggs, and a male develops from unfertilized eggs, parthenogenesis helps to regulate the number and sex ratio (for example, males – drones develop parthenogenetically in males, and females – uterus and working bees from fertilized ones).
Partenogenetic can develop either an egg cell that has undergone meiosis and contains a haploid set of chromosomes (n) (generative, haploid, or meiotic parthenogenetic), or an egg cell of one of the premeiotic stages of oogenesis with preservation of the chromosome set characteristic of this type – diploid (2n 3 or polyp 4n, 5n rarely 6n, 8n) (Ameiotic parthenogenesis). In some forms of parthenogenesis, the fusion of the haploid nucleus of the egg with the haploid nucleus of the direct (polar) body leads to the restoration of diploidy (automictic parthenogenesis). The genotype, sex of the partogenetic offspring, as well as the preservation or loss of heterozygosity, the acquisition of homozygosity, etc. depend on these features of parthenogenesis.

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