The capture of Babylon by the Persians (539)

In 553 BC. e. against the Median king Astyages (son of Cyaxar), the Persians revolted, led by their king Cyrus -> within three years they conquered the mussel and overthrew Astyages -> conquered Lydia and other countries to the borders with India -> approached the borders with Babylonia -> Nabonidus returned for the organization of defense, but the country was blocked from all sides by the Persians + the forces of the Persians were much superior
Dissatisfaction with Nabonidus: priests (religious reform), merchants (traditional trade routes in the hands of the Persians), forcibly driven peoples + indifference of artisans and peasants.
539 BC – the invasion of the Persians, the defeat of the Babylonians at the city of Opis, the capture of the city of Sippar -> the defense of Babylon (led by Nabonidus) -> Babylon fell.
October 12, 539 BC e. the Persians entered Babylon -> 17 days later, King Cyrus II entered the city -> Nabonidus was taken prisoner and exiled to honorable exile, and his son Belshazzar was killed (or executed).

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