The collapse of the Kingdom of the III dynasty of Ur (2003)

The onslaught of the Amorites from the west and east (bypassed the fortresses and walls); the seizure of cities, disruption of economic life in the lands seized by the Amorites, the connections of the regions with the capital were cut, the undermining of food supplies + falling away of strategically important cities (Issin, Eshnuna)
War in Elam -> the Elamites attacked the weakened Ur (destroyed), captured the statues of the gods and took the last representative of the royal dynasty Ibbi-Suena (2003 BC) prisoner to Elam.
The death of the kingdom of Sumer and Akkad became the topic of lamentation (“Lament for the death of Ur”) -> the Elamites left -> the throne was taken by the king Issin Ishbi-Erra (the official who betrayed Ibbi-Suen)
Euphrates changes direction -> major centers – to the side ->
from the XVIII century. BC. new city-states are formed -> fight with each other for power -> the rise of Babylon (inhabited by Amorites)

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