The influence of parents on the formation of the personality of the child

Becoming a person is an integral process in the life of any person. Various factors influence the formation of personality: school, environment, interests of the child. But the most important influence is exerted by the parents. They lay the habits, concepts and worldview of the child from an early age. Each family has its own educational process, its own views on life and its own framework of permissiveness. Therefore, the atmosphere that is present in the family will somehow affect the formation of the character and personality of the child. What the child saw in the family will be deposited in his mind and will affect his future life, study, work, relationships.

If parents are condescending to children, talk with them, explain all the difficulties and sometimes make mistakes, then the child will grow up understanding and responsible. And if complete chaos and disrespect reigns in the family, no one understands and does not want to understand, then the personality of the child in such a family will be complex, problematic.

Quite a frequent observation: the various hooligans and losers who skip school are usually children from chaotic families, possibly even asocial ones. The behavior of hooligans is quite clear, it reflects the attitude of parents to themselves. In such families, parents are not focused on the good upbringing of their child, they are busy with their affairs, scandals and quarrels. The only thing they can do is report back to deuce. Instead of talking and finding out the problem, hire a tutor or help yourself.

The attitude of parents also affects the situation of children in school. If the child in the family is respected, reckoned with his opinion, then at school he will be a strong personality, over whom no one would dare to scoff. And if the child is often scolded or scolded, not respected in the family, that is, it is likely that he will become clogged and shy, they will often scoff at him, knowing that he will not be able to give change, because he is morally weak. And weakness can impede a happy future.

If the father does not treat his mother well, does not respect her and offends her, then the boy will grow up with such attitudes and will offend women in the future. The same rule works and vice versa.

My opinion is that the character and personality of the child is directly proportional to the attitude of the parents. And if the children grow up completely different from what their relatives would like to see them, there is no need to immediately blame the adolescents for this, perhaps the omission was precisely on the part of adults.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.