The main activities of the Jacobins and their consequences

Event Outcome

1793 g.

The declared broad democratic freedoms were of a declarative nature and were practically never applied
Cancellation of senior payments of peasants Peasants have not actually made seigneurial payments since 1789.
Sale of immigrant lands Part of the land was acquired by peasants
Setting fixed prices for essential goods Despite severe punishments for violators of this decree, goods disappeared from the shelves and were sold at inflated prices from under the counter.
Maximum Wage Decree When prices went up, wage caps led to discontent and strikes, which were brutally suppressed
Suspicious Law Adherents of the monarchical system, aristocrats, relatives of emigrants and all those whom the commissioners of the Convention suspected of treason against the revolution were arrested and imprisoned.
Interim Revolutionary Governance Act Legal formalization of the regime of the revolutionary Jacobin dictatorship. All patriots were to wear the emblems of the revolution – a Phrygian cap and a three-color cockade.
Arrest and execution of Girondins deputies Executions became a mass phenomenon, parliamentary immunity was ended
Creation of the institution of commissioners Commissars “put things in order” in cities and in the army

Output. The policy of the Jacobins allowed them to organize the country’s defense by methods of terror and win the war, their slogans resonated both among the sans-culottes and among the peasants who were ready to fight for land under the slogan “Freedom or Death”.


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