The main types of computers and their purpose.

1) Stationary PCs: desktops or desktops, nettops, monoblocks. The type of stationary PC means a computer that has a permanent place, which actually serves as, say, a computer desk and does not imply a frequent change of place. Such computers can also be called workstations, because there is enough computing power to perform a certain job, that is, intensive calculations.
2) Types of portable personal computers: laptops, tablets, PDAs, smartphones. What is a portable device? Portable means portable, and in our case, the mobility of computers is provided by a smaller size and a capacious battery compared to a desktop computer. In most cases, this type of computers to increase the hours of battery life limits itself in performance, but these capabilities are enough to perform certain, in fact, as for any computer, computing operations.
3) Computing servers. This type of computer as a computing server is the basis for the work of local networks and the Internet in general. All network operation is based on the server operation of computers, each of the Internet resources, its files, and any type of information on the network is located on the storage device of one of the types of servers.
4) Supercomputers. The computers with the highest performance are called supercomputers. Such computing facilities are ultra-fast types of computers. It is a multi-computer and multiprocessor complex occupying large rooms with shared memory and other devices that are also common.

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