The mine has a depth of 1000 m. What is the temperature at the bottom of the mine if it rises by 1 ° every 33 m?

An isothermal horizon is a layer of constant temperature located at a depth of 20-30 m.
The geothermal gradient (Δt) is the number of degrees by which the temperature rises per 100 m depth. On average, the geothermal gradient (Δt) of the earth’s crust is 3o for every 100 m.
Geothermal step (Δ C) – distance in meters, when descending to which the temperature rises by 1 ° C. It is equal to 33 m / deg.
Let’s determine the temperature at the bottom of the mine:
t = h: Δ С = 1000 m: 33 m / deg. = 1000 m × 1 °: 33 m = 30.3 °
Answer: At the bottom of the mine, the depth of which is 1000 m, temperature = 30.3o.

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