The parallax of the Sun is 8.80˝, and the parallax of the star is 0.44˝. How many times is this star farther than the Sun?

When measuring the parallax of stars, the basis is 1 AU. And the parallax of the Sun is the horizontal equatorial parallax, which is based on the equatorial radius of the Earth – 6378 km. The first basis exceeds the second by about 23500 times. And since the parallax of the Sun is 20 times greater than the parallax of the star, the distance to the star is 20 • 23500 = 470 thousand times the distance from the Earth to the Sun.
Another solution is possible.
The distance to the star is 1 / 0.44 “= 2.3 pc, which is 2.3×206265 = 470 thousand AU.

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