The procedure for working with a microscope.

To work successfully with a microscope, you must follow the procedure.
1. Turn on the light.
2. Place the specimen on the stage so that the light beam shines through it and secure with clamps.
3. Looking through the microscope, turn the macroscrew away from you so that the stage moves away from the objective until a clear image of the object appears (If you turn the screw in the opposite direction, you can damage the specimen or objective).
4. Examining at low magnification (objective 4x magnification), find the place where the sample is the thinnest, ie, where the cells are located in one layer.
5. Set a larger objective lens magnification (10x) and examine the specimen. The clarity of the image is adjusted with a microscrew.
6. Set a larger objective lens magnification (40x), examine the specimen and sketch it.
7. After viewing, remove the drug. Place the microscope with the small objective down, turn off the light.

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