The reasons for the fall of the political power of the Sumerians

• Natural and climatic factor: a change in the course of the Euphrates left the Sumerian cities on barren heights;
• Political factor: endless uprisings of the conquered peoples;
• External factor: the onslaught of uncivilized nomads (Gutei, Amorites and Elamites).
The Sumerians preserved their culture and national identity as far back as the 5th century. The Sumerian priests existed for thousands of years, becoming a kind of scientific and religious caste (known in the Bible as the Chaldeans).
Although the Sumerian language fell out of wide use, the Sumerian culture did not disappear without a trace. Under her influence, something new arose – the great Babylonian and Assyrian civilizations. They borrowed from the Sumerians writing, systems of law, government, religious thought and literature.

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