The role of dreams in human life

A dream plays an important role in people’s lives. Life without a dream turns into a very boring and monotonous existence. People swimming in the course of life cannot be happy, they are mostly pessimistic and weak in spirit, bored and reluctant to communicate with them, they are oppressed by reality and do not resist failures.

A dream spiritualizes a person, makes him purposeful. Here a man lives and he has a dream. He wants to turn it into reality and therefore puts maximum effort for this, makes plans and puts them into practice. One must believe in a dream, and only then it will come true in reality, and this fact inspires to new achievements. Apparently this is the meaning of life.

A person cannot live without a dream, but one must not forget that dreams and illusions are two different things. No need to turn a dream into an illusion and spend the best years of your life on illusory plans that are not feasible. People who live in illusions are deeply unhappy internally, for their illusions will never be realized. And here are dreamers by their nature of romance. Let not all dreams come true, but in order for them to come true, you need to work hard and not give up the first failures in their implementation, fight for your dream and not give up.

I know many people for whom their dream has become the meaning of life. They worked hard and long to implement it and achieved success. For example, my neighbor realized his dream only for 50 years, for which he fought for many years. But he achieved his goal, his dream of becoming a doctor came true, although many did not believe in it, but he believed and thanks to this faith and self-confidence he achieved success. The dream helped him go confidently towards his goal.

You can achieve a lot in life with a dream. A dream inspires a person, gives him chances to achieve life goals, makes him kinder and more confident in himself, encourages him to act.

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