Think and give an example that testifies to the fact that biotechnological production has been used by mankind for hundreds and even thousands of years.

Man has used biotechnology for many thousands of years: people baked bread, brewed beer, made cheese using various microorganisms, without even knowing about their existence.
Actually, the term itself appeared in our language not so long ago, the words “industrial microbiology”, “technical biochemistry”, etc. were used instead.
Probably the oldest biotechnological process was fermentation using microorganisms. This is supported by a description of the beer preparation process discovered in 1981. during the excavation of Babylon on a tablet, which dates from about 6 thousand BC e.
In the 3rd millennium BC. e. Sumerians made up to two dozen types of beer. No less ancient biotechnological processes are winemaking, bakery, and the production of lactic acid products.

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