This is the era of the great geographical discoveries – open and conquered countries

• second half of the 15th century. – a series of Portuguese expeditions along the coast of Africa;
• 1487-1488 – opening of the southern sea route to the Indian Ocean (Bartolomeo Diaz);
• 1492 – the discovery of America (Christopher Columbus);
• 1497-1499. – opening of the sea route to India (Vasco da Gama);
• 1519-1521. – the first round the world voyage (Fernando Magellan);
• 1642-1643 and 1644 – the discovery of New Zealand and Australia (Abel Tasman).
• 1524-1526 conquest of Peru and the Inca Empire (Francesco Pissarrio y Gonzalez);
• 1497-1500 Development of North America (Giovanni Caboto);
• 1594-1596 Exploration of the Arctic (Willem Barents) et al.

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