Today the great opposition of Mars has come on Earth. Could the passage of the Earth across the disk of the Sun be observed on Mars today?

During the great opposition, the planet Mars is on the same side of the Sun as the Earth, in addition to this, being near the perihelion point of its orbit. It would seem that the Earth is located between the Sun and Mars, and observers on Mars could see the passage of the Earth across the disk of the Sun. But the orbits of the Earth and Mars are in different planes, and the passage is possible only if the planets are near the “line of nodes” – the line of intersection of the orbital planes. This happens if the opposition of Mars occurs in mid-May or mid-November. The great oppositions of Mars occur in August or September, and then Mars is located in the sky much south of the ecliptic. Accordingly, for observers on Mars, the Earth will pass north of the Sun’s disk, and the passage will not occur.

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