Totalitarianism: causes of origin, conditions of formation, contradictions and characteristics

Causes of occurrence Formation conditions Basics of becoming Character traits
The revolution A sharp breakdown of established social structures, marginalization of part of the population The emergence of modern media capable of influencing the poorly educated population The presence of a single universal ideology with a state monopoly on the media, the lack of ideological, spiritual pluralism
Military defeat Political power crisis The emergence of mass political parties capable of organizing the masses The presence of a single mass party, merged with the state apparatus, lack of pluralism in the political sphere
Internal contradictions Destruction of civil society Experience in public administration, mobilization and manipulation of masses of people State control over the economy, lack of real pluralism in the economic sphere
Outside imposition Deformation of political consciousness Building a strong repressive apparatus Use of repression, terror, suppression of opposition, monopoly on the means of armed struggle


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