Trajan’s Board: Foreign and Domestic Policy

Foreign policy Domestic policy
• In the years 101-102, 105-106. fought wars with the Dacians (tribes living on the left bank of the Danube River); • in 107, declared Dacia a Roman province; • in 106 turned Nabat skoe kingdom in the province of Arabia; • in 114-117. fought a war with Parfia, during which he annexed Armenia and Mesopotamia to Rome; • in 116, reached the Persian Gulf, captured the capital of the Parthians, Ctesiphon • Protected the interests of the Senate, for which in 114 he was given the title Optimus princeps (the best emperor); • strengthened the imperial power by expanding the network of state institutions, strengthening the army and tightening control over the Roman provinces; • took care of strengthening the borders along the Rhine and Danube; • founded new colonies; led active construction (Trajan’s forum, construction of ports and lining of streets); • made rich donations; • arranged magnificent shows


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