Treaty of Versailles

– Germany lost Alsace, Lorraine, North Schleswig, Poznan, part of Pomerania, part of West and East Prussia, part of Upper Silesia (total: 1/8 of the pre-war territory and 1/12 of the population)
– Recognized the independence of Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia
– Lost colonies and spheres of influence
– Was to pay an indemnity of 132 billion gold marks (initially the amount of reparations was determined at 269 billion); carried out restitution (return of property seized during the war from opponents)
– Saar coal basin went to France for 15 years
– On both banks of the Rhine was established 50 km. demilitarized zone
– The size of the army was limited to 100,000 people, the surface fleet was reduced, the General Staff, military academies and schools were eliminated
– It was forbidden to have military aviation and submarine fleet.

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