Trianon Treaty its results and results

Date: June 4, 1920
Location: The Grand Trianon Palace of Versailles.
With whom: Hungary.

• Transylvania and the eastern part of Banat → Romania;
• Croatia, Backa and western part of Banat → Kingdom of Yugoslavia;
• Part of Maramaros, part of Ugocha, part of Komarma, part of Nograd, part of the Coast, Ung and Nitra → Czechoslovakia;
• Burgenland → Austria;
• The size of the mercenary Hungarian army is limited to 35 thousand soldiers.
With the active support of Nazi Germany, the Treaty of Trianon was revised in 1938-1940; Vienna arbitration was adopted, according to which Hungary regained part of the lands lost in 1920 – the north of Transylvania, the south of Slovakia and the Transcarpathian Ukraine. In 1941, part of Yugoslavia (Vojvodina), which had been captured by Germany, became part of Hungary.

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